If you run an online business, then you likely invest a lot of time and money to attract traffic to your offer so that you can enhance your profit. But most of your website’s visitors are wasted because they will never buy from you. This is because most people won’t make a purchase from a website the first time they visit it. In fact, even the most talented copywriters are lucky if they get a 5-percent conversion rate. That’s right, at least 95 percent of the people who visit your sales page will not result in a sale. Luckily, you can combat this problem by implementing an effective email marketing campaign. 

An effective email marketing campaign works so well because it helps you build trust and credibility with your potential clients. After receiving several emails from you, people will be that much more likely to buy your products or services. You cannot, however, just start sending unsolicited emails to people. Not only would that method have a small success rate, but it would also be legally classified as spam. So, you must ask for permission to send emails via an opt-in form.

Getting people to give you permission to send them emails is not as difficult as you might suspect, but you must offer something in return. Many online business owners have had success from giving away an e-book or special report in exchange for an email address. No matter what you offer, it must be related to your products or services in some way. It’s also important you only provide quality material so that you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Some business owners have made the mistake of quickly putting together a low-quality product to compel people to give away their personal details. But their customers view the product as a reflection of their paid content, and they choose not to make a purchase as a result. 

Once you have a prospective customer’s email address, you must make it your goal only to send emails that offer value so that you don’t damage their trust. Sending low-quality or overly promotional emails is a great way to encourage people to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Sending engaging, informative content is a great way to build even more trust, respect, and credibility with your potential customers. When done properly, your email subscribers will start looking forward to receiving your emails, and when this happens, they will be more likely to buy from you. To start getting more sales than you thought possible, simply include a brief call to action in the signature of each email to promote your premium products and services. 

Inability to implement an effective email marketing strategy will impact your business in a negative way, and you will experience a decrease in the profitability of your online business as a result. Taking the time to collect the email addresses of your potential customers will enhance your conversion rate, optimizing your profit. You must ensure you have permission before sending your emails, and it’s important you only send high-quality, valuable content so that your subscribers will begin to trust and respect you. Building a list of loyal customers might take some time and effort, but the return you will receive on your investment will make your efforts more than worth it. 


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